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Know Your Verses v1.0 released:
KYVW1-0.EXE v1.0000.0000 (v1.0) 6/1/93

Know Your Verses v2.0 released:
KYVW1-0.EXE v2.0000.0000 (v2.0) 1994
MAJOR FIXES: Multiple bugs squashed!

Know Your Verses 5.0 & latest features and bug fixes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v5.1000.0000 - May, 2002:
Internet Features:
* Databases can now be downloaded from the DODDger Software LLC Website.
* Ability to upload the databases you have created for sharing with other users.
* Ability to register online, view DODDger Software LLC Website, and check for new upgrades.

General Features:
* Questions and answers may now be added, deleted, or easily changed right on the quizzing screen. Much easier to create questions and answers than with previous versions!
* Quizzing screen may now be resized, even to full screen!
* While quizzing, you may go to the next, previous, first, or last question.
* While quizzing, you may search for a specific question.
* While quizzing, you may mark a question as weak for later review.
* While quizzing, you may mark a question for printing for review away from the computer.
* While quizzing, you may mark a question for TestMaker to create written tests.
* Quizzing may be done via selected topics, all topics, or randomly.
* True 32 bit Windows program. However, Know Your Verses v5.0 & later will no longer work with Windows 3.1 or earlier.
* When re-installing or upgrading to v5.0 & later, does not reset the selected subject to #1SAMPLE.
* Fixed some problems with fonts and screen size for various Windows configurations.

* The program must be installed to a directory (folder) whose name contains no more than eight characters.

Know Your Verses 5.1 changes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v5.1000.0001 - 8/19/02:
*Grayed out the "X" on the quizzing screen. In v5.0 when you would click on the "X" it would make the program disappear but still show up in memory so if you tried restarting KYV, then would get message that the program is already running. So only way out of was Ctrl-Alt-Del the program.
*Added a black line below the YES/NO/SEE ANSWER/EXIT buttons.
*Added a few comments in the GO TO Q/A #: goto box.
*Print Menu: Gave the unregistered mode of KYV the ability to print 5 questions answers.

Know Your Verses 5.1.2 changes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v5.1000.0002 (v5.1.2) 1/1/03
Fixed the following items by taking the Search button's focus away after using:
*If the search feature was used, then for the rest of that quizzing session, should you try to edit a question and answer you cannot press enter to move a line of text down.
*If the search feature was used, then for the rest of that quizzing session, should you try to edit a question and answer the change may or may not be saved depending on what button you click on next.
*If the search feature was used, then for the rest of that quizzing session, should you mark a question for printing, or for weak, or for testmaker, the question may or may not be actually marked.

*When clicking on YES, the question is automatically unmarked as weak.
*Noted on YES button that Q/A is unmarked as weak.
*Noted on NO button that Q/A is marked as weak.
*Resized the YES, NO, and SEE ANSWER buttons.
*When a Q/A is Marked as Weak: Q/A text is displayed in yellow and a textbox states, "This Q/A is Marked as Weak"
*Renamed "Mark as Weak" button to "Marked as Weak".
*Renamed "Mark for Printing" button to "Marked for Printing".
*Renamed "Mark for TestMaker" button to "Marked for TestMaker".

Know Your Verses 5.1.3 changes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v5.1000.0003 (v5.1.3) 2/12/03
In v5.1.2's quizzing screen, if you clicked on "INSERT Q/A" and added a question, then clicked on "Save and Resume Quizzing" the question and answer that you inserted would be added twice overwriting the question that preceeded the inserted question. v5.1.3 fixes this bug.

Know Your Verses 5.4.1 changes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v5.4000.1000 (v5.4.1) 04/15/09
In v5.4.1, Minor format changes applied.

Know Your Verses 2020.1 changes:
KYVW1-0.EXE v2020.1000 (2020.1) 01/04/20
-Quizzing screen is the largest change visually. Too many changes for mention.
*The ability to open up your default web browser right to a web page that allows you to SEARCH & COPY scriptures right from the web and PASTE to the quizzing screen in whatever Bible version a user desires has proved to be the best added feature of this version. This allows a user to quickly build accurate an Bible databases.
*Installation program now allows for installing the program in Windows 7,8, & 10. This was actually the hardest change to accomplish.

In v2020.1, Minor format changes applied.
-Again, too many to mention!

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