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Instructions for removing unwanted aircraft databases from Know Your Aircraft.

*If you are familiar file/folder management, you can easily remove aircraft database folders with Windows Explorer.
*If you are not familiar with file/folder management, see "DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS" below for removing an aircraft database folder using Windows Explorer.

*An aircraft database is removed from Know Your Aircraft by removing the respective aircraft database's folder.
*Aircraft database folders are located within the Know Your Aircraft program folder.
*All versions of Know Your Aircraft's installation default to the C:\KYAW10 folder. Therefore, unless you installed Know Your Aircraft to a folder other than the default, all aircraft database folders can be found in the C:\KYAW10 folder.

Example of a B727 database folder structure: C:\KYAW10\B727

Note: These instructions assume that you have Know Your Aircraft installed to the C:\KYAW10 folder and wish to remove an aircraft database named B727.
Note: Make sure Know Your Aircraft is not running.

1. On the Windows Desktop, double click on the "My Computer" icon.
2. Now double click on the "(C:)" hard disk drive.
3 You will now see a listing of yellow folders.
4. Scroll down to the folder called C:\KYAW10 folder.
5. Double click on the C:\KYAW10 folder
6. You will now see another listing of yellow folders. These are the aircraft database folders.
7. Single click on the aircraft database folder you want to remove (for this example we are using the B727) with the RIGHT mouse button.
8. Now LEFT click on "Delete" to remove the aircraft database folder.
9. This has removed the aircraft database.
10. To remove additional databases go to step 7.

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